Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer... Sideways... Changes... Cuteness... All rolled into one

Lets start this post like every other post I have ever written.... OH MY! I can not believe how much time has passed since I updated... Ive been so busy... Had nothing to say... blah blah and so forth... Okay, Thats out of the way.... Look! Im wearing a crown!
Ha ha! Okay really I have nothing to say about this first picture...
But get quickly distracted by image number two... That would be my cute kids... surrounded by other cute kids.... and someday I will have to address our changing family dynamics... but not today.... I love them all. Little man graduated the six grade... it was his last day in little halls, and little desks... I mightve cried in the parking lot for a bit... but got over it quickly...

We quickly turn tears into celebration... Sideways celebration apparently... You may recognize a few cousins in the huge mouth!

Soooo Yeah... The is totally gratutious... He used to spend hours doing this in a superman cape... LOL

Oh yeah... He is hugging the water... So excited for summer.

TV watching...

Scouts!!! Teehee! He is ranking it up!!!
And silliness... Ha ha! I LOVE HIM!!!

Okay... For those of you who were not distracted by the numerous pictures... We are good, I LOVE my children... I am proud of them every single day... We are all adjusting to lifes little twists and turns... and accepting new challenges... and people... There are new things happening in our life... and I will share them when I can... Love you all!


Dawn Marie said...

I am excited to hear about your changes, and of course I love seeing your cute kids!
Miss your face!

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